Hydrovac Excavation

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has a Hydrovac Excavation solution, with the experience to meet a wide array of digging needs. The Hydrovac is the industry´s only non-destructive method of excavation, since it uses pressurized water and a vacuum system to quickly and safely expose underground infrastructure.

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RUS Experience

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has completed many RUS (Rural Utilities Service) projects over the past several years throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota. These projects consisted of plowing hundreds of miles of cable, directional boring, setting fiber cabinets, locating plant in service, mounting subscriber ONT's, running conduit lines, fiber optic cable fusion, splicing and restoration.



Cable Plowing

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has cable plowing equipment and experience to handle all aspects of cable plowing, from the largest cable laying projects to the smallest drops.



Conduit Construction

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has the capability of constructing large duct banks with any size pipe required.  From initial excavation to pouring a concrete barrier over the duct bank, Ernst Trenching, Inc. has the necessary experience to complete any project.     




Steel Casing

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has the necessary experience to construct large diameter steel casing projects, such as 24" steel pipe railroad crossings. 




Directional Boring

Ernst Trenching, Inc. has the professional experience, the equipment and specializes in large and small diameter directional boring.




Water and Sewer

 Ernst Trenching, Inc. has the capabilities of placing large box culverts for drainage ditch diversion.  




Specialty Jobs

Ernst Trenching, Inc. also has the experience and equipment to handle any specialty project a customer may have. For example, Ernst Trenching, Inc. completed a project inside West Acres mall in which electric lines were brought inside to power a future coffee stand being constructed.



Snow Removal

Ernst Trenching, Inc. performs snow removal services during the winter season in and around Fargo, North Dakota, which includes Hauling, Parking Lot clearing, and Disposal.